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No Carnival Ideas

No Carnival.png

The Hoisington Chamber of Commerce would like to ask once again for the community's help.


As you know, we did not have a Carnival this past Labor Day and it was a difficult year for not only the members of the community but for the Chamber Board as well. We WANT to have a carnival so badly but we've struggle to find out to come here for the potential $$$ to made here. Unfortunately, there are bigger and more profitable locations than Hoisington. Like all businesses in this day and age, Carnivals must do what's best for their business and employees. 


Do you have another idea of what we should do instead? Would you be willing to help volunteer for this weekend which is another area that we struggle in. We get lots of ideas but we don't have enough people to run those events. Come and help us be part of the solution and make this a joint effort for 2024's Labor Day Weekend.


Go to the following link to submit your ideas - any idea at all. They will all be presented to the Chamber's Board of Directors for consideration.

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