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No Carnival Ideas

No Carnival.png

The Hoisington Chamber of Commerce would like to announce that despite their exhaustive efforts and the communities tremendous support for the Carnival over this past Labor Day Weekend (2022), we were recently informed that our Carnival will not be back for next year and most likely not again in the near future. We know how much the tradition of having a Carnival has meant to so many in and around the surrounding communities which is why we are continuing to reach out to other Carnivals in the hopes of still having one but we have not been fruitful in these endeavors as of yet.


So, we're asking for the community's help. Do you know of a Carnival and have their information that we could contact them? Do you have another idea of what we should do instead? Come and help us be part of the solution and make this a joint effort for 2023's Labor Day Weekend.


Go to the following link to submit your ideas - any idea at all. They will all be presented to the Chamber's Board of Directors for consideration.

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