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Use the Print Preview tool in the Print & Email dialog box and the drop-down menu to specify which parts of your drawing to print and email.When you draw text, you can select the font and apply character style formatting to the text before you begin drawing the text.You can create a link on a web page and then insert the link into a drawing on a local network or the Internet, so it displays the linked image of the drawing.You can easily get a perspective of a 3D drawing on a 2D screen with the new Fly Through 3D feature.You can export your shape-based annotations to the clipboard and share them with colleagues and collaborators.AutoCAD 2023 offers new features for storing graphics and text in drawings. With automatic storage, you can create a drawing on the fly or open a template drawing and store only the parts you need. For example, you can store all of the frame lines in a frame drawing or all of the text in a text drawing, rather than storing the entire drawing in a file.Create a temporary drawing, and then draw the parts of the drawing you need. You can then permanently remove the drawing, making it easier to find the drawings you need.You can now syncronize your data from applications such as Microsoft Excel.Automatic creating of new command references and text descriptions.New more flexible Grid and Dimensioning tools for more efficient drawing. The Grid tool helps you align drawing elements and dimension objects and the Dimensioning tool helps you place parts of drawing components.New dimension styles: Standard, Traditional, and Linear.You can edit templates created with the same application that created the template, and new template options for text (fringe, text color, and drop shadow) and line (dash pattern).You can easily bring your favorite drawing template onto your computer by saving the template from the Edit menu and then double-clicking the template on your computer.New Drawing Tasks toolbar: The Drawing Tasks toolbar makes it easy to perform frequently used drawing tasks. The toolbar contains buttons for setting values and tasks and for viewing tool and option settings.New ability to open and save files directly into a specified folder without using the File menu.New Change Editor: The Change Editor dialog box provides a method for changing drawing elements without using the drawing tools. 2be273e24d

AutoCAD PC/Windows (2022)

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